Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Blog

Hey, I just put up a new more comprehensive blog about my running and recent life and wanted to back-link to it, so everyone that followed this blog when it was active should check out my new one.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Rest Day, Well Sort Of...

Time: 2:06:54 Total Distance: 760.0 miles Today's Distance: 39.8 miles Avg. Speed: 18.6 mph

If you happened to notice the huge jump in Avg. Speed it's because I took that bags off today and just rode in and around D.C. for fun. It's a beautiful city here and I got to see all of the sights, unfortunately my camera is not working today, probably because it was soaked while riding into the city. But at any rate I took a ride down Massachusetts Ave. which really didn't remind me of home at all and then I crossed the Potomac into Va just because I wanted to see Arlington etc.

All and all it was a good rest day here in Washington, and after the riding I went to see a soccer match at the local pub with my new mates, two kids from Bristol and then crashed when I got home to the Hostel. It was a good day.

Batlitmore, MD to Washington D.C.

Time: 6:55:43 Total Distance: 720.2 miles Today's Distance: 70.2 miles Avg. Speed: 10.1

Rain, Rain, GO AWAY! I would frankly prefer that it never come back but I'm sure it will. Sorry this is so late the youth hostel I stayed at in D.C. was without a computer and I lacked the motivation to find one elsewhere.

So the ride into D.C. from Baltimore was really rough, it started out nice enough with a clear sky and a warm wind at my back, but it was not to continue. About a half an hour or so after I left my freinds' place it started to get cloudy and then with no warning it started to down pour. The deluge continued until I got to the Hostel in Washington at which point it abruptly stopped, really I'm not making that up...

Now the major event of the day was getting lost which took an hour or so, and then once I finally got going in the right direction I hit a patch of ice under a bridge (it was that cold) and fell hard, I actually cracked my helmet. Fortunately I was okay and just got up and brushed myself and my bike off.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Columbia, Pa to Baltimore, Pa

Time: 6:48:53 Total Distance: 650.0 miles Today's Distance: 78.9 miles Avg. Speed: 11.4 mph

Today was I great day, I got up at 6:30 and was out the door and down the road by 7:30. The first 20 miles where brutal I climbed from 200 feet to 800 feet decended back to 200 and then up to 800 and repeated that about ten times!
The rest of the day I was on flat ground with nice weather and the best part was at the end of the day I got to Baltimore and got to stay with my friends Jack and Evis in their beautiful apartment, it's always nice to see old friends when you're on the road.

Rest Day

It was pouring when I awoke so I just curled up and went back to sleep. I finally got up around 12:30 and told the the manager of the ironically named Four Seasons Motel that I was staying another night.

Warwick, Pa to Columbia, Pa

Time: 6:03:57 Total Distance: 571.1 miles Today's Distance: 69.4 miles Avg. Speed: 11.4mph
Today it rained, I got lost again, and I was sour so I only took one picture...

Norristown, Pa to Warwick, Pa

Time: 4:45:17 Total Distance: 501.7 miles Today's Distance: 50.6 miles Avg. Speed: 10.6

Today was tiring I didn't have to travel very far but it was a fairly hard day none the less. I woke up sort of late and rolled around in my plush king sized bed for a few minutes moaning and trying to rationalize a few more minutes of sleep. When I finally did get out of bed I went and helped myself to a huge complimentary breakfast and hit the road.
The terrain was fairly flat with a few hills but I was tired already so when I found out that the campground was at the top of a two mile long hill my heart sank and then climbed 600 vertical feet...
Also I got lost for an hour, lost my gloves and basically wanted to go home.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Delaware Water Gap, PA to Norisstown, PA

Time: 8:13:45 Total Distance: 451.1 miles Today's Distance: 102.7 miles Avg. Speed: 12.5 mph

I got up at 6:30am packed, ran into town got a quick tasty breakfast, and was riding by 8:00am. My goal was to reach downtown Norristown PA but I only made it as far as the out skirts by dark and I could go any farther because the traffic in bad in town and I didn't want to get hit by a car. So I started looking for a place to stay, the only place was a Marriot and they wanted $250.00 a night but the manager took pity on me and gave it to me for only $75.00

Otisville, NJ to Delaware Water Gap, PA

Time: 5:24:54 Total Distance: 348.4 miles Today's Distance: 63.0 miles Avg. Speed 11.6 mph

Today was another rough day I got up made a great breakfast of rice and beans, then I went into town and got some provisions, but apparently no where near enough, because I ran out in the middle of a nature preserve with night coming fast, so I couldn't stop to cook, so I starved! I was so pissed I seriosly just wanted to quit this tour so badly...UGH! But I got over it and made it into the Delaware Water Gap, which is a town in Pennsylvania, there I found a hostel for hikers on the Appalachian Trail, it was in the bottom of a church and cost only $3.00 a night. It's was Awesome.

Poughkeepsie, NY to Otisville, NJ

Time:4:58:26 Total Distance: 285.4 miles Todays Distance: 54.6 miles Avg. Speed: 11.0 mph
I got up sort of late around 8:30am and got out had breakfast and was on the road by 9:30am I didn'tn feel so great because of that crazy all night ride I pulled so I didn't ride as far as I had wanted to, I rode through some boring country side and through one sketchy town where I saw the victim of a drug shoting laying on the ground surrounded by cops and EMT's it freaked me out so I rode really fast until I hit sleepy Otisville and set up camp in it's cozy ten dollar a night camp ground were I met Fred the owner an older man with lot's of interesting stories.